Thursday, April 15, 2010

41-29-7-31-12-19 Call Me a Call Girl - Sex Fantasy for Couples

Above are the 6/49 lottery numbers I obtained using the iLoveRandomSex app for the draw last night. I am not going to check them until I get this post submitted. The six erotic ingredients corresponding to these numbers have been cooked up into a very tasty roleplaying and dress up game for couples. This sexy lovemaking scenario is based on a popular fantasy for both men and women but comes with a twist. I hope you enjoy it.

Moved to: Reverse Call Girl: Kinky Sexual Role-play Ideas for Couples

Please leave a comment. Let us know how you would creatively use the random sex ideas for the sequence 41-29-7-31-12-19. Download the iLoveRandomSex app for the iPhone and see what erotic ingredients these numbers match up with. Then come up with your own creative lovemaking scenario and surprise your partner with amazing sex. For more sexy scenarios and roleplay ideas, check out our book:

123 Frisky Sexual Fantasies & Erotic Roleplay Ideas:
Dare to Play Naughty Sexy Scenarios for Couples

Add more romance and creative sex play to your love life. Make your partner feel extra special and enjoy a more fulfilling relationship together.

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